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eApps (electronic application software) is an efficient response/resume management tool to streamline your recruitment process. You can use eApps to:

  • Create a central repository of all applications received from multiple sources like print media, website etc.
  • Post and manage jobs on Naukri via a user-friendly interface
  • Save time by organizing all applications in various folders
  • Pre-screen candidates by asking them to respond to questionnaires when they apply for a job
  • Efficientlyly contact candidates by creating and saving email templates
  • Automate and simplify task for incoming applications by applying action filters against responses by creating and applying filters.
  • Quickly scan the candidates’ profile  summary

  • TOPHow is eApps different from BRV?

BRV [Basic Response Viewer] is a simpler version of eApps. It is also a response management tool but with limited features and comes for *free* with a Job Posting subscription.

BRV allows you to view the responses against your jobs that are posted on Naukri site only , unlike eApps, that allows you to manage responses from other media like print, your website as well.

eApps also provides some additional features like searching resumes, assigning filters and questionnaires to jobs, creating folders to store and track responses and contacting candidates, which are not available in BRV. eApps stores the resumes unlike BRV that stores only the responses with sme standard flolders.

  • TOPWhere can I see the jobs posted by me in the last few months and the jobs integrated from other media?

In eApps, various jobs are marked distinctively for quick access, in the following manner:

  • Jobs posted by you during the last 3 months on Naukri site but that are not currently active are marked as ‘Inactive’ jobs. You can’t edit and refresh such jobs but can recall them. These jobs are available in your account for a period of 3 months from the date of these being inactive.
  • Jobs that are currently active on the site are marked as ‘Active’ jobs. A job remains active till 30 days from the date of posting or the date of refresh. You can edit and refresh live jobs. You can also manage the responses for these jobs and download them.
  • Jobs integrated from other media like print ad, website url etc. are marked as ‘External Media’ jobs. You can’t edit, refresh or recall such jobs. You can only manage the responses received against such jobs and download them.
  • TOPHow can I start receiving responses for jobs advertised in other media like newspaper, other website etc. in eApps?

You need to follow these steps to redirect resumes from other media into your eApps account:

  • Login to your eApps account and go to “Jobs & Responses” page.
  • Click on the “Other media responses” tab.
  • Follow the instructions on the form to generate a code that needs to be embedded in your online advertisement on the website. When job seekers apply to this advertisement, the responses will be redirected to your eApps account.

For jobs in printed advertisement, you can upload them to // in vacancies advertised in print. For doing this, you’re suggested to contact

Once the job is uploaded, you can upload the resumes against this job.

  • TOPWhat happens after my eApps subscription expires?

If your eApps subscription expires but your Job Posting subscription is still active, only response management will be disabled.

You will continue receiving responses against the live jobs [that were posted using eApps]; however, you will not be able to post any new jobs with eApps.

To ensure that you’re responses are not deleted from eApps, we advise you to renew your subscription within 3 months of its expiry.

  • TOPCan I share the resumes with people across different locations in my company?

Yes. To do this, move the desired resumes to your personal folder(s) and then share the personal folder. This will make the resumes available to all the sub-users, who could be using eApps from different/same locations in your company.

  • TOPWhat is the difference between a super-user and sub-user?

A super-user is the one having administrative privileges on the entire account created for a company.

He can create/delete the sub-users, edit account settings, monitor account usage, and assign various permissions to sub-users.

A sub-user has restricted access based on the permissions assigned to him by the super-user.

  • TOPCan I change my password as a super-user?

Yes. To do this, use the “Change Password” option available under eApps “Administration” page.

  • TOPHow can I update super-user and sub-user details?

The following details of a sub-user can be changed only by a super-user. A sub-user can’t do these directly:

  • Changing sub-user Email IDs
  • Assigning rights to sub-user
  • Creating and deleting a sub-user
  • Assigning jobs to sub-users

However, sub-user’s password can be changed both by the sub-user and the super-user.

  • TOPCan I create new sub-users?

Yes, only if you have a super user login.

  • TOPHow many sub-users can I create?

You can create only up to 10 sub-users at a time.

  • TOPHow can I assign a particular job to a user?

Only a super-user can assign job(s) to sub-user(s). To do this:

  • Click the “Assign Jobs” tab on Administration page.
  • Click the “+” icon against the sub-user(s) to whom you wish to assign the job(s).
  • Select the desired job(s) from the list that shows up and click “Assign Jobs” button.

The selected job(s) will get assigned to that user.

Can also be done at the time of job posting under response management section.

  • TOPCan I assign more than one jobs to a user?

Yes, a super-user can assign more than one job to a sub-user.

  • TOPWhat all can I do in Job Management?

You can post a new job, delete a job from the site, delete a job from eApps, view total responses received against each job and search among the jobs. Besides this, you can also refresh and repost the existing jobs.

  • TOPCan I view jobs that are not active on the site?

Yes, you can view all the jobs [active & inactive] posted till date unless you have deleted them from eApps. Jobs that are active on the site are marked as “Active” in eApps.

  • TOPCan I view and edit job details for all the jobs?

Yes, you can view details of active as well as inactive jobs and also edit them through “Manage Jobs” page.

  • TOPWhat is the difference between deleting a job from Job Posting and from eApps.

Deleting a job from Job Posting will delete the job(s) only from the site.

However, deleting a job from eApps will delete the job permanently along with all its responses from eApps.

  • TOPWhat is the difference between quick and advanced resume search in eApps?

Quick search is designed to give you results based on key criteria like job title, experience and location of the candidate whereas advanced search you can use more search parameters like UG/PG qualification, age etc.

For example, advanced search also searches the resumes based on the answers provided by the candidates to your questionnaire while applying for the jobs. It also gives you an option to search resumes within a job, across e-Apps, in personal folders.

Further to this, you can also save your advanced search criteria for re-use.

  • TOPCan I save my search criteria?

Yes, you can save your search as a search agent and also modify it later. However, you can do this only for your advanced search criteria and not for quick search.

  • TOPWhat is Response Management?

Response Management is a feature of eApps that helps you manage the resumes received against each job. You can move Resumes to folders, shortlist, put them on hold, deleting, forwarding and downloading them and contact candidates by email.

  • TOPHow can I take actions on the filtered resumes?

For this, you need to create a filter and specify the desired action to be taken as soon as someone applies to your job.

For example, to contact a candidate whose resume matches your mandate :

  • Go to the “Manage eApps Jobs” in eApps and click on the number of responses against the job for which you wish to create a filter. This will take you to the list of responses for this job.
  • Click on “Create filter for this job” link at the top right corner of this page. This’ll take you to the filter form.
  • Create a filter specifying your criteria, like Age, Experience, and Qualification etc. The option to create filter is available against each job on
  • On the filter form, select the action “Contact” to be applied to the filtered resume.
  • Finally save the filter.
  • TOPSometimes I do not see the job that I had posted as a sub-user in my sub-user eApps. It is visible only in Super-user eApps. Why is this so?

This is because you do not have the rights for a particular job. Only a super-user can view this job. Please contact your super-user to get the desired permissions for the job.

  • TOPCan I manage the responses received for the jobs not posted by me?

Yes, you can manage the responses received for the job(s) not posted by you, only if the super-user has given you the permissions to do so. You also need to have rights to eApps for this.

More than one sub-users can manage the responses for the same job. Moreover, you can manage the responses only for those jobs that have been posted using eApps.

  • TOPCan I get the details of all applicants at once and save them for future use?

Yes. Simply download them in Excel or word format. You can download all responses against a job or in a folder. You can download up to 2000 resumes at a time.

  • TOPIs it possible to add some additional information to a resume while I am working on it?

Yes. You can add ‘comments’ to a resume through resume detail page where entire resume is visible. Up to 5 comments can be added per resume. Also, your comments can be a part of your downloaded resumes.

  • TOPCan I access the responses to a job from non-registered Naukri users?

Yes, such resumes will be included along with other resumes.

  • TOPHow can I share resumes with other people in my organization? ?? redundant

You can do this by either forwarding the resumes to their email ids or by creating a sub-user account for the person with whom you wish to share the resumes. For the second option, a super-user will first need to create a sub-user or share a sub-user login with the other person and give him the rights to manage responses for that job or share the personal folder in which resumes are saved.

The option to forward them to other email id is available through resume listing and display pages.

  • TOPWhat is “Automatch from Resdex”?

It shows you those resumes from Resdex that meet some of the crucial parameters in the job, like position, industry type, experience and location.

However, the Automatch is performed only till the job is active.

  • TOPHow can I gather additional information from the candidates when they apply for the job(s) advertised by me?

You can do this by creating a questionnaire and attaching it to your job(s).

For example, if you want to check if the candidate has an H1B visa or not, you can add this question to your questionnaire. Once you assign this questionnaire to the desired job, the candidate is prompted to answer this as soon as he applies to that job.

You can also mark the question as mandatory besides having different formats of questions like: open ended; multiple choice questions.

You can also save this questionnaire for re-use.

  • TOPHow do I assign a questionnaire to a job?

Once you have created the questionnaire:

  • Go to “Response Management » Questionnaires”.  On the “Manage questionnaires” page, select the questionnaire that you wish to use.
  • Click on the “+” icon next to it [under “Assign to Job” column]
  • On the dialog that comes up, select the job(s) to which you wish to assign the questionnaire and finally, click the “Assign” button.

The selected questionnaire will get assigned to the desired job(s).

  • TOPIs there any limit to the number of questions that I can add in a questionnaire?

Yes, you can add up to 7 questions in one questionnaire. It is recommended to keep the questionnaire short and specific enough to ensure better responses.

  • TOPCan I provide a pre-defined list from which to choose, to the candidates while gathering additional information from them?

Yes. For this you need to choose the desired format for your questions. To do this:

  • Add the question to your questionnaire.
  • Set the Question format to any of these:
    • Multiple choice with one answer
    • Multiple choice with more than one answers
    • Open ended
  • Fill the rest of the fields in the questionnaire form. Save it.
  • Assign it to the desired job(s).

Let’s say, if you want the candidates to choose from a list of languages known, you can set the question format in the questionnaire to “Multiple choice with one answer” or “multiple choice with more than one answer”.

Finally, specify the list of languages in the field “Answer options”.

  • TOPIs there a limit to the number of questionnaires that I can create and save?

No. You can create any number of questionnaires.

  • TOPHow can I block a candidate from applying twice to a job or similar jobs?

You can do this from Job Listing page. Click the “Block” link against the desired job. Select the number of months for which you wish to block the duplicates, from the dropdown “Choose a time period” in the dialog that pops up.

Finally, click “Block” and it’ll block the duplicate resumes for the selected job.

  • TOPHow can I unblock the duplicate applications for an already blocked job?

On the job listing page, click the “Block” link against the desired job.

Select the option “Do not block duplicate resumes” from the dropdown “choose a time period” and click “Block”. This will unblock the duplicate applies from your job.

  • TOPCan I send a common mail to multiple candidates at the same time?

Yes you can. To do this:

  • First create a contact template [Response Management » Contact Templates » Create new template » Fill the form and save the template, assign it a name.
  • After you’ve created the template, go to the page where your resumes are listed and select the resumes to which you wish to send the mail.
  • Click the button “Send Mail”. Compose a new mail or choose from the existing contact templates and send.
  • TOPCan I edit and use the existing email templates? If yes, how?

Go to “Job Postings” » “Contact Templates”

All the existing contact templates will be listed on this page, from where you can edit, delete them or also create new templates. You can also share these templates among all sub-users in your company.

  • TOPIs there a limit to the number of email templates that I can create and save?

You can save as many templates as you want.

  • TOPI want to share a folder with another sub-user and not all. How can I do this?

You cannot share a folder with any specific sub-user. Once you share it, it gets shared with all the sub-users.

  • TOPIs there a limit to the number of folders that I can create?

There is no limit on the number of folders you can create. Also, there is no limit to the number of resumes that you can save in a folder.

  • TOPWhat all actions can I take on resumes in a shared folder?

You can view the resumes, add comments to them, print, download and forward resumes in a shared folder. However, you can NOT move or delete resumes from a shared folder.

  • TOPCan I recover a deleted folder?

On deleting a folder, all the resumes contained in that folder also get deleted along with any filters attached to those resumes. You cannot recover the same.

  • TOPHow can I stop irrelevant resumes from landing in my inbox?

To stop receiving irrelevant resumes in your inbox, you can apply a filter to the desired job(s).

You can create a filter based on various criteria like age, experience, qualification and once you apply this to the job, only the relevant and filtered resumes will be sent to you. You can create filter in eApps through “Manage eApps Jobs”. Click on the number of responses against the desired job and use the link “Create filter for this job” on the resume listing page, to create a filter.

While creating a filter you can also specify the action to be taken on the filtered resumes. You can choose to send them an auto reply, move/copy them to the desired folder(s), and forward them to other email id.

  • TOPHow does the filter get applied to any job and where do the matched and unmatched responses go?

Once you create a filter for a job, it gets applied as soon as a candidate applies to your job on the site. The responses matching the filter criteria go to the folders that you’ve specified in the filter itself.

A consolidated list of responses not matching your criteria is also mailed to you with a link to access details of each resume, in case you still wish to scan those responses.

  • TOPHow many filters can I set for a job?

You can set only one filter for a job.

  • TOPWhat all actions can I take on the filtered resumes?

You can:

  • Move/Copy the filtered resumes to a specified folder
  • Forward them to other email ids as an attachment.
  • Shortlist candidates, put them on hold, reject them
  • TOPCan a candidate be automatically notified when his resume matches the filter criteria? Seems redundant - see example of action filters

Yes, to enable this, select the desired reply template from the “Auto-reply to candidates” dropdown in your filter form.

  • TOPHow can I keep a track of eApps activity in my account?

You can generate and download reports on the following in eApps: total responses received, shortlisted, put on hold and rejected, number of matching responses, number of emails sent and resumes viewed for a particular job or by a sub-user.

You can generate these reports for the desired duration for an individual sub-user or collectively for all sub-users.

In case you wish to receive these reports in your mailbox at regular intervals, you can set daily, monthly, weekly alerts for these reports. However, this functionality is available only to a super-user.

You can also download these reports in MS Excel format.

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