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When you need to fill a position, time is money. And every minute counts. You need to get your job in front of the most qualified job seekers. You need an easy and reliable way to manage incoming CVs and select the right person for the job. And that's what posting your job on Naukri delivers - the most efficient and cost-effective way to hire online.

  • TOPHow much does it cost?

Our Job Posting solution has 2 variants: Hot vacancies and Classifieds. Both come in various subscription packages; basis of number of job postings / subscription period, you could pick one according to your needs.

Hot Vacancy Packs and Subscriptions

These are our premium job posting services that include:

  • No word limit for writing job description
  • Company branding (displaying logo with your jobs)
  • Send Job Alerts: Proactively reach the candidates
  • Receive applications on multiple email ids

Classified Listing and Subscription

These are our basic job listings that include:

  • Job advertisement – a limit of 254 characters is kept for the descriptive fields like company profile, job profile, desired candidate etc.
  • Receive matching CVs on 2 email ids.

For details on various subscriptions, click here.

For more customized solutions, please contact our sales team at any of our branches.

You can also request more information by filling this form and sending it to us: Request Info

  • TOPHow can I post a job on

Posting jobs on is quite easy with 3 simple steps:

  • Login to your Recruiter’s account at with the username and password mailed to you earlier.
    Go to "Job Postings" » Post a Job
  • Fill the Job Posting form, preview and post it.

P.S: After your payment has been validated/received by us, you can start inputting jobs immediately. If you feel that your account has inadvertently not been credited with payment, please contact us at

  • TOPFor how long will my posted jobs remain advertised the site?

All jobs remain active on the site for 32 days from the date of posting.

  • TOPHow do I know the number of job postings left in my subscription?

You can view this information on recruiters’ home after you login (in the subscription status module – for super-user). You can also see this number at the top of Manage Jobs section.

  • TOPHow long will it take for my job to get reflected on Naukri site?

It takes 30 minutes for a job posted to be visible on the site.

  • TOPHow do I add additional email ids? Is there any limit on the number of email ids allowed?

Login to your recruiter’s account at and click on the “Edit your company profile” link. This will take you to a page where you can add additional email ids.

A classified listing subscriber can add only up to 2 email ids, whereas a hot vacancy subscriber can add multiple email ids.

  • TOPWhy do we need labels for additional contact addresses in the vacancies posted on the site?

Labeling of additional addresses is done in order to systematically sort out the responses being received. Here you can sort out the responses being received for different branch offices by using separate labels for different branch offices. In this way you can track the responses more systematically. For e.g.: To elicit the responses received for your Mumbai and Delhi offices you may label them as Mumbai address or Delhi address respectively.

  • TOPWhat is meant by ‘Refresh’ a job?

Refreshing your job advertisement means extending its duration on the site. Each refresh consumes a job from your subscription. This implies that if you have subscribed to a pack of 5 jobs, you can either post 5 jobs or post one job and refresh it 4 times. Also, if you have purchased a single job posting, you will not be able to refresh it. Single postings purchased are a one time posting that cannot be refreshed or edited.

  • TOPWhat happens to my job after 32 days? What are ‘Inactive Jobs’?

The jobs that had been on site for more than 32 days are marked as ‘Inactive Jobs’. These jobs are still available to you for a period of 3 month from the date of posting, after which they are permanently deleted from our database.

  • TOPHow do I modify a job vacancy that I’ve already posted on the site?

To modify a job, you need to follow these steps:

Modify a posted job:

  • Login to your account and click on “Job Postings”. [An edit will consume a fresh posting as your job advertisement will get refreshed to remain live on the site for 30 days from the date of last edit.
  • Go to “Manage Jobs”.
  • Or, Search for the desired job(s).
  • In the search results, click “Edit” link shown against the job you wish to edit.  This will take you to the pre-filled job posting form for that job. Make the desired changes there and finally post the job.

Modify a saved job:

  • Login to your account and click on “Job Postings”.
  • Go to “Manage Jobs”. Click on the tab “Saved Jobs”.
  • On the job listing shown at the page, click “Edit/Post” link shown against the job you wish to edit.  This will take you to the pre-filled job posting form for that job. Make the desired changes there and finally save/post the job.

Yes. For this, please write to and quote the reference ID of the job to be edited along with the details of the modifications required.

  • TOPHow do I remove my job from your site?

If you wish to remove an already posted job from the site:

  • Go to the manage jobs section
  • Click on the ‘Remove’ icon against the job which you want to remove
  • In the prompt that appears, click ‘Remove’

  • TOPHow do I view the applications/responses received for the job that I’ve posted?

For the job that you’ve posted on  Naukri, you can choose to receive the applications in different ways:

  • Email: Directly receive the applications on the email id provided by you while posting the job. The responses will also be available in BRV.
  • eApps: Our response management system
  • Company URL: Redirect the applicant to this URL as soon as he clicks the apply button on the job
  • Offline applications: Receiving applications on some other address and not receiving them online

  • TOPWhat is Job usage indicator?

A Job Usage Indicator is displayed on the Job Posting form. This indicator gives a count of Job Postings that you would end up consuming with the given number of locations while you are posting a job. A set of up to 3 locations would consume 1 Job Posting, and you can specify up to maximum of 9 locations in 1 job.

  • TOPHow can I filter out irrelevant applications?
  • Select the option “Naukri filter” to create a filter. This will show a preferred location box.
  • Select the preferred location for the candidates.

When someone applies to this job, the application will be filtered based on the locations specified by you And a set of intelligent rules that we apply.

  • TOPHow can I keep a track of Job Posting activity for my account?

you can generate and view the following reports after you login to account as a super user [These reports are available to super user only]:

  • User specific Report: Displays the overall Job Posting activity of the users of your company over a period of time. This reflects the number of jobs posted, edited, refreshed and deleted by each user of your company.
  • Job specific Report: Displays the details of each & every job being posted by your company i.e. who posted it, last refreshed, no. of views, responses, job status etc.

You can also download these reports in MS Excel format.

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