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Resdex is the largest database of Jobseekers in India - over 68.2 million, having profiles of jobseekers from various industries, functions, locations and experience levels.

With a Resdex subscription you get to reach out to these jobseekers and hire them to meet your recruitment needs. Resdex offers:

  • an intelligent search engine that help in finding the right (most relevant) candidates with great ease.
  • various search options: advanced, role and custom – define and choose the way you’d like to search
  • the ability to refine your search by drilling down further through tools like search witin results and
  • eability to contact candidates by email/sms, shortlist, candidates, forward resumes, organize resumes in folders
  • regular alerts of resumes in your email based on the parameters you decide and at the frequency you want

  • TOPWhat are the different subscription packages available for Resdex? Which one should I buy?

Please check out this link for various subscription packages of Resdex: //
For details about the subscription packages, you may contact us at any of our branches.

To know more details and for further assistance on your purchase decision, you may fill up the following form and our sales representative will get back to you: //

  • TOPIs there any demo version of Resdex for trial purpose before I make a purchase decision?

Yes, you may check out Resdex demo at: //

Here you can try out various search options of Resdex & how they work. To view the contact details of candidate, you need to subscribe to Resdex. To buy Resdex, check out various available subscription packages here: //

You may also contact us at any of our branches. Click here to view our branches at various locations.

  • TOPHow can I search for resumes in Resdex?

In case you are logged in as a Super-user, you can perform various administrative tasks and view MIS usage. However, to perform resume search you will need to login using a subuser account.

You can directly search in Resdex if you’re already logged in as a subuser.

This is how you can perform a search in Resdex if you are logged in as a superuser:

  • Login to Resdex.
  • Under “Resdex” tab, select ‘Search Resumes’. This’ll take you to a page listing the available sub-user names that you can use to login to Resdex and perform the search.
  • Select the desired sub-user from the ‘Username’ dropdown under ‘Available sub-user(s)’ tab.
  • Click ‘Login’. This will take you to the search page having multiple search options.
  • Click on the desired search tab [Advanced search, My search or Role search].
  • Enter your search criteria and finally click on ‘Search Resumes’ button.

If you are logged in as a subuser,

  • Click on the ‘Resdex’ tab and select ‘Search Resumes’. This’ll directly take you to the search page.
  • Click on the desired search tab [Advanced search, Role search or My Search].
  • Enter your search criteria and finally click on ‘Search resumes’ button.

This will show you the resumes matching your search criteria.

  • TOPWhat are the different search options available in Resdex?

You can search for candidates in our resume database using the following search options:

  • Advanced Search: Comprehensive search using multiple search criteria like keywords, experience, annual salary, current location, functional area, industry type, include/exclude specified employers. You can also set additional filters like diversity hiring [searching women candidates only], candidate’s age, work status for USA and other countries and set display options for the search results.
  • Role Search: Search based on functional area and roles. You can also set additional filters like diversity hiring [searching women candidates only], candidate’s age, work status for USA and other countries and set display options for the search results.
  • My Search: You can customize your search form and add/remove search fields that you use frequently.

  • TOPWhat is the significance of keyword search in Resdex?

The Keyword field in the RESDEX search form searches for the inputted keyword(s) in various fields of a resume. The keywords are searched for in the following fields of the resume:

  • Profile of the candidate
  • Summary of experience
  • Current Organization - you can look for people currently employed at certain companies by simply writing the company name in the keyword field
  • Designation - you can search for specific designations such as Marketing Manager, Team Leader, CTO, and CEO etc.
  • The educational institute name fields - you can search for graduates from IIT, IILM etc.

  • TOPHow can I search within results?

To further condense your search results and give you more precise results, you’ve the option to ‘search within results’. You can see this option in search results page

  • Click on ‘Search within Results’ on search results page.
  • Input the criteria in the ‘search within results’ text box, click ‘Search’

This is basically a next level search performed on your original search criteria, which remains the same.

  • TOPWhat is the significance of ‘Available usernames’? What happens if I turn it ON or OFF?

‘Available usernames’ shows the sub-user names that are not currently logged into Resdex and are available for use.

You need to be a Super-user to turn this feature ON / OFF. If you turn it ON, you will enable sub-user(s) of your account to see a list of usernames who are not using Resdex. Thus, they can select any of the idle usernames & login to the database.

Please note that you’ll be able to view the list of available sub-users only when you’ve permissions to do so else you’ll need to contact your super-user for this.

  • TOPWhat is meant by ‘Reset sub-user’?

You need to be a Super-user to turn this feature ON / OFF. If you turn it ON, you will empower sub-user(s) of your account to reset their login id if somebody has already logged into the Resdex with the same username.

In case you are a super-user, then you can reset any of the sub-user logins.  For this go to main menu and click on ‘Reset sub-user(s)’. From the listed sub-user names, click on the ones that you wish to reset and click the ‘Reset’ button.

  • TOPHow can I keep track of user activity in my Resdex account?

To view Resdex activity in your account over a period of time, you can generate and view the following reports after you login to account as a super-user [These reports are available to super-user only]:

  • Database Usage report: Displays the overall Resdex activity of the users of your company over a period of time.
  • User Login report: Displays the login details and activity of the users using Resdex. In the last month
  • Contacted Candidate MIS [available to sub-user only]: Displays the report on the candidates contacted by the sub-user. The data is available for last 7 days only and you can run the report for a specified duration.

Besides, you can also customize the reports’ display and choose the fields to be included.

You can access Resdex reports in either of the following ways:

  • Login to your recruiter’s account » Go to section ‘Reports and MIS’ » Click on ‘Database Usage Reports’ or ‘Login Report’ under ‘Resdex Reports’.
  • Login to Resdex » click on the tab ‘Reports & MIS’ » Click on either of these tabs: Database Usage, User login or Contacted Candidate MIS » Follow the instructions on the form and generate the desired report.

For later use, you can also download these reports in MS Excel format.

In case you wish to receive these reports in your mailbox at regular intervals, you can set daily, monthly, weekly alerts for these reports. However, this functionality is available only to a super-user.

  • TOPHow can I view details of a resume?

To view a resume:

  • Conduct a search
  • Click on the resume heading of the desired resume from the resume listing page

This will open the resume preview with its details

  • TOPHow can I contact candidates from Resdex?

You can contact candidates in two ways:

  • Send out emails from your Resdex account to the candidates.

For contacting candidates through Resdex:

  • Select the desired resume(s) from the resume listing page
  • Click ‘Send mail’ from the actions listed at the top
  • From the form that shows up, select an existing email template or compose a new email to be sent to the candidate(s)
  • Attach a job (optional)
  • Preview and send the mail

You can also contact the candidates through SMS [you’ll need to select ‘Send SMS’ action in that case in step 2 above. However, this option is available only when you’re subscribed to our Insta Hire services. For details, please contact our sales team.

  • TOPHow can I save resumes that I like during my search?

To save the desired resumes from the search results page

  • Go to the search results page; check the box against the resume(s) you wish to save/move into a folder.
  • Click on the “Save to Folder” button at the top.
  • Follow the instructions in the window that pops up and save/move the resume(s).

To save the desired resumes from the resume details page

  • Click on the “Save to Folder” button at the resume preview page and follow the instructions.

The resume will be moved to the selected folder. This option is more time taking but is helpful when you wish to scan through the entire resume before moving it to a folder.

Once you’ve saved/moved the desired resume(s) to the folder(s), you can view them from the folder itself.

  • TOPCan I create templates for the emails I wish to send to candidates rather than creating a new email message every time?

Yes, for this you need to create contact templates using these steps:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to ‘Resume database’
  • Click on the tab ‘Contact Templates’
  • Click the button ‘Create New Template’
  • This will open up a dialog box. Specify the template name, and subject, compile the email message and click on ‘Create’.

This template will be listed on the ‘Manage Contact Templates’ page in case you wish to modify it in the future. This will also be available in the ‘contact selected candidates’ form under ‘use saved template’ dropdown, after you click on ‘Send Mail’ button from the resume listing page.

  • TOPWhat is refine results / clusters ?

You can use the ‘Cluster’ functionality to further refine your search results. For example, after you’ve performed a search and wish to see the number of resumes against each ‘role’ in that search, you can use ‘role cluster’.  To view number of resumes against various CTC ranges, you can use ‘CTC cluster’ and so on.

  • TOPWhat are resume alerts?

Resume alerts are the mails that you receive whenever any new resume matching your saved search criteria enters our resume database. This is to keep you updated on the latest matches against your saved searches.

To set alert settings and frequency:

  • Login to your account
  • Under ‘Resume database’, click on ‘Saved Searches’
  • On the ‘Manage Saved Searches’ page that comes up, click on the tab ‘saved searches’.
  • Check the saved search for which you wish to receive resume alerts via email
  • Click on ‘Edit Alert settings’ icon against that search
  • Follow the instructions on the dialog that comes up

This will set your resume alerts.

  • TOPWhat do different icons on search results page indicate?
  • Inactive jobseeker:  Candidate is not active on Naukri site for 1 year.
  • Resume modified after viewed: Resume has been modified by the candidate after it was last viewed by you
  • Contacted by Email: Candidate has already been contacted on email
  • Resume already viewed: You’ve already opened and seen these resumes in detail
  • Comments added: You’ve added comments to these resumes
  • Contacted by SMS: Candidate has already been contacted by SMS

This will set your resume alerts.

  • TOPCan I add notes to the resumes for additional information or future reference?

Yes, you can add additional notes to a resume by using the ‘Add comments’ option available at the top-right on the resume preview page.

Click on that option and enter the desired comments

  • TOPHow can I print a resume?

To print a resume, click on the resume heading from the resume listing page. This will show the resume preview in detail. Click on the ‘Print’ option and this’ll print the resume.

  • TOPIs it possible to download the resumes that I like or wish to refer later on?

Yes. To download resume(s):

  • Login to your account and go to the folder from which you want to download the resumes.
  • Click on ‘Download resume(s)’
  • Specify the starting and ending index of the resumes you wish to download.
  • Click ‘download’

This’ll download the desired resumes.

To download the resume that you’re currently viewing, simply click on the ‘Download’ option available at the top of the resume preview page.

  • TOPWhat is Resume Freshness?

Resume Freshness indicates when a candidate was last active on our site. You can search the resumes in Resdex based on the resume freshness.

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